Welcome to Ampere Audio. Our mission is to provide products of exceptional value to all audiophiles and music lovers. We believe that by using a technically correct approach for our products, we can achieve real and consistent results. And as you will see on our Products page, we do things a little differently from others. Not just for the sake of being different, but better.


2008        First public appearance of The Power Delivery System Line Conditioner at Noising event

2008        First prototype of The Cable Conditioner is born

2009        Beta testing for The Cable Conditioner commences

2010        First public appearance of The Cable Conditioner prototype at Noising event

2010        First prototype of Schumann ELF Generator is born

2011        The Cable Conditioner goes into production

2012        Webpage is up and running

2012        Beta testing for Near Lossless Cable commences

The Cable Conditioner - Near Lossless Cable - Schumann ELF Generator - The Power Delivery System Line Conditioner